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Monday 2nd October 2018
Intro Quote:
Life is like a book, filled with many chapters, it is how you read it that determines your road

Well, I have been back in Holland for working purposes for 9 weeks (except for a week visit back home) and what are my conclusions?

If I am really honest with myself, I really thought, or hoped, things would be like they were before I went to France, but this is not the case and in fact, things couldn't be further from the truth.

I have the feeling everyone has changed and their attitudes are distancing them from me, but here is where I am totally wrong. Nobody from that time in my life has changed, in fact, they are exactly as they were back then: the same look at life and humour etc, and don't get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, it can be a good thing, stability, but not for me.
No, my friends, it is me who has changed, I am moving forward, (thanks to my life in France), it is me who is slowly distancing myself from a past life, from a life l…


Well, after 2 and a half years, I finally managed to finish the long-awaited 'Spaced out on Planet Bizarre' album and like a good Libra musician there are lots I am unhappy with, but I have finally learned to embrace closure on a project. Unlike the 'Idiots seeking sanctuary at the Armageddon' album, which I kept chopping and changing the songs and their place on the album. It got near to obsession trying to finish it until a good friend told me to stop and just bring it out and I did, but like I said this time, although I had a few other tracks I wanted on the album, but for one reason or another, I couldn't finish them.
 One such track is 'the Eruption', but I think I will get the band to play it

I picked the 1st of July as the release date and worked towards that date and yes yes, for those that really know me, will laugh when they hear I was still recording vocals and mixing on 2 different tracks on the last few days before release, so predictable. 




When we, as civilised human beings, characterize our humour, it is that we laugh at things WE feel are funny. Our humour is defined by how we see it, but only through our own eyes, not through the eyes of another. It's all to do with the Theory of relativity, I think they would call it.
I know, I am no different to the next guy. I know there are different levels (or maybe styles is a better word) of humour. That is fine and normal, but it is when pride enters the scene that things start to get complicated and disrespectful.
Of course, I admit that with my humour I try to open people's eyes to the funny side of laughing at oneself and yes, I can see that some people might find this provoking, but I think that says more about that person than it does my humour.

THE BIRTH OF MY HUMOUR For me, my first impression of a world that would shape my humour was when I was young and the contact I had with my Granny Barrowman. She was a nutcase,…


As I start to write this, I am disturbed by some small birds outside fighting over a food ball, we hang outside for them to eat during the winter months. 

They are fighting to survive if they don't eat, they die,  it is as simple as that, I would love to compare this with society but that was in Neanderthal times today all the aggression, the stress, the fights are about who has the coolest car or biggest TV or most money. We are always rushing here, hurrying there, flying around and are either too busy or too ignorant to notice the beautiful things happening around us.

This came to me as I walked our pee monster around the asparagus fields near where we live, earlier this morning. I stopped next to the fence that divides the fields from the motorway, the A7 or the 'route de Soleil' as it is known, it carries people south from Lyon to Marseille or the other way north. It also leads to other motorways that will take you to such exotic places as Spain or Italy or further afie…