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It is strange, as if overnight, Facebook which was once a very cool way of keeping in touch with family or friends, both old and new, has turned into one big narcissistic cesspit of who tells the funnier joke or who's baby or cat makes the prettiest picture. Don't get me wrong, I like some of the stuff people posts and show my respect and yes it's true, I have never denied how big my ego is, but when some people cross the border of the narcissistic line, then they lose me because that is one line my Libra soul will never let me cross. To totally ignore or ridicule someone's work, because you are jealous of their talent I feel is just ignorant and I must have been off sick, the day they taught that lesson at the school of life

I do not just mean, my plight to sell my music, but I also see very talented people, with really cool stuff, getting next to no attention, but then others with very little talent getting lots, not because they are better or more talented, but becau…