What to do, my dear Rupert

Well, after 2 and a half years, I have finally managed to finish the long-awaited `Spaced out on Planet Bizarre` album and like a good Libra musician there are lots I am unhappy with, but I have finally learned to embrace closure on a project. Unlike the `Idiots seeking sanctuary at the Armageddon` further

A jester or just a clown

When we, as civilised human beings, characterize our humour, it is that we laugh at things WE feel are funny. Our humour is defined by how we see it, but only through our own eyes, not through the eyes of another. It's all to do with the Theory of relativity, I think they would call further

Are they coming or going

As I start to write this, I am disturbed by some small birds outside fighting over a food ball, we hang outside for them to eat during the winter months. They are fighting to survive if they don't eat, they die,  it is as simple as that, I would love to compare this with society but that was in Neanderthal times today all the further

The Narcissistic Facebook

It is strange, as if overnight, Facebook which was once a very cool way of keeping in touch with family or friends, both old and new, has turned into one big narcissistic cesspit of who tells the funnier joke or who's baby or cat makes the prettiest picture. Don't get me wrong, I like some of the stuff people posts and show my respect and yes it's true, I have never denied how big my ego is, but when some people cross the border of the narcissistic line, then they lose me because that is one line my Libra soul will never let me further


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