Well, after 2 and a half years, I finally managed to finish the long-awaited 'Spaced out on Planet Bizarre' album and like a good Libra musician there are lots I am unhappy with, but I have finally learned to embrace closure on a project. Unlike the 'Idiots seeking sanctuary at the Armageddon' album, which I kept chopping and changing the songs and their place on the album. It got near to obsession trying to finish it until a good friend told me to stop and just bring it out and I did, but like I said this time, although I had a few other tracks I wanted on the album, but for one reason or another, I couldn't finish them.
 One such track is 'the Eruption', but I think I will get the band to play it

I picked the 1st of July as the release date and worked towards that date and yes yes, for those that really know me, will laugh when they hear I was still recording vocals and mixing on 2 different tracks on the last few days before release, so predictable. 


Well, let me tell you, my dear Hubert. There are very major changes in my life on the horizon, but for now, I will keep that news to myself. I love my life and I totally love Sol, but changes need to be made for me to progress as a person and what others think of my life or what I do with it, then that is totally none of my business. I have my opinion of that, but that IS my business.

I also have to be honest with myself, I realise people are just not warming up to projects, my music, my novel, my tabloid. Thus I am planning lots of changes in everything I do and the way that I work and my expectations, it is time to get back to doing stuff for me and not so that others like me or my stuff, but ha ha ha I have just realised since this blog is also a project of mine, probably no-one is reading it and so I am talking to my inner self, which is actually very cool.

"Hi Inner Zeek!!!"

Anyway, for now, I am busy with advertisements for the album and I will try to get a video made for 'the Rain' track. This is a song I think might finally get more people interested in my music. I have already had some very good feedback from people, who have heard the song.

I want to finish my novel. 'The panty thief of Foddleburg', this is another project that has been dragging on too long and it needs to be finished
There is also 'the Fools Funnybone 3' I have some funny stories I have to write. I have acoustic songs for the Zeek D'Accoustique album, I want to record this year or next.

Plus, hopefully, we can finally record an album with ZEEKtheFREAK (as a band) and get back to some serious gigs. Although I want to start avoiding the bars and play more venues and festivals, but that is for the future.

I have ideas for the next solo album, which hopefully will not be in 10 years ha ha ha

I am proud of everything I do, I love what I do and it does not matter where I do it or with whom, I will continue to do my thing, but now I know for certain, I am gonna do stuff that pleases me and if people come along for the ride, I will embrace your presence, but if you ignore my work or are negative about it, please, there is the door don't let it hit your arse on the way out. I have no time or honestly want nothing to do with negative people....lighten up, respect another's work, ye fannies...LOL

Do you realise I have been accused once by a so-called friend, you know the 'no I won't pay 90 cents for your song, because I saw one gig and I don't like your music' type of friend, that I have no sense of humour. Now they are particularly correct, I do not have THEIR sense of humour, but seriously even after 2 Fools Funnybone's...FFS

But to anyone bothering to read this, what are you doing you nutter? You do realise people will talk about you and even disown you, run away now while you still have your sanity, Ha ha ha, but I am glad you are about and sharing my dream. 

I wish everyone nothing but happiness....now buy my album you bastards



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