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As I start to write this, I am disturbed by some small birds outside fighting over a food ball, we hang outside for them to eat during the winter months. 

They are fighting to survive if they don't eat, they die,  it is as simple as that, I would love to compare this with society but that was in Neanderthal times today all the aggression, the stress, the fights are about who has the coolest car or biggest TV or most money. We are always rushing here, hurrying there, flying around and are either too busy or too ignorant to notice the beautiful things happening around us.

This came to me as I walked our pee monster around the asparagus fields near where we live, earlier this morning. I stopped next to the fence that divides the fields from the motorway, the A7 or the 'route de Soleil' as it is known, it carries people south from Lyon to Marseille or the other way north. It also leads to other motorways that will take you to such exotic places as Spain or Italy or further afie…